March 16, 2013

This post comes to you today from Adrienne. I am so overwhelmed by His mercies that are new every day and every moment. Yes, this has this been difficult...more difficult and unexpected than imaginable - absolutely.  Is it over, no but we are half way through and for that we celebrate.  Today I went for a run around our lakes that was slow, but it was a run.  It was 3.3 miles and farther than I have run since we started chemo. On the first infusion I was in the hospital this, the 9th day after my infusion. I ran today and am not in the hospital and for that we celebrate. We had to do a shot this time that helps my bone marrow rebuild white blood cells (called Neulasta) and that shot was a $3,000 copay and for that we celebrate insurance. My husband has been and is simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The care and concern, time and patience, love and selfless giving cannot be be measured, and I am eternally grateful for God's placement of him in my life. I am just amazed by the blessings in our life and one of biggest have been each of you that have rallied around us, brought us food, asked how we were doing, shared a laugh, called on the phone, sent texts, come to visit, sent cards, cleaned our home, sent gifts, done our laundry, prayed for us, pushed us to be better, provided owl pajamas, showed you cared, sent flowers, fixed my hair, financially given, bought flowers for my hair, encouraged my new looks, shaved their heads, exercised with us, created the most amazing workplace, and simply loved us.  With that in mind I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Cancer sucks, but you all are making the journey bearable....even, dare I say, fun.

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