February 26, 2013

Ha!  Suckers...the warden let us out this afternoon, and it is SOOOO good to be home.  We got to leave about 1 this afternoon, and have been home ever since.  She sat on the couch for the afternoon and watched movies and slept and just enjoyed our HOME for the while I got to do some serious sanitizing, some shopping, some prescription filling and various other crap like that.  I think exhaustion is catching up with her, she is so stinkin' tired its ridiculous.  This has been really good for her heart to be home - as quality the care we received, it sucks to be in a hospital for 4 days, let alone 4 unplanned days.  

A dear friend came over tonight with her hubby and kid to give Ade an I'm-losing-my-hair-because-of-chemo haircut, which was so sweet and I gotta tell you...she looks kinda cute.  I mean, like really cute.  I'm not saying that because I'm trying to be the doting husband and I have to say that or whatever...its really kinda adorable!  It'a little spiky number, and at the rate she is losing her hair, she'll have this spiky little number maaaybe through the weekend.  It's just a little sad, but mostly it'll be a cool adventure I think.  It's wonderful to really find yourself in a place where you find out what really matters, and hair really ain't it.

Sorry for leaving you in the dark on this one, its been sort of a crazy afternoon trying to get home and be here and feel good about the cleanliness and such.  We were told that it was probably a virus that leveled her last Friday, and it was something that otherwise she may have never even realized she had, had her body been healthy and chemo free.  Therefore, we have to be super careful with what she exposes herself to, and where she goes.  She is on lockdown here at home for the next few days for sure and we've set up a masking/Purel station at the front door for anyone coming into the house.  Better safe than sorry, because going through that again is NOT worth it.

Have a wonderful evening, may God richly bless you as he has us.

Much love,

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